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1Am I allowed to have pets?Multiple
2Can you offer me any finance? When do I have to have my finance ready?Multiple
3Do I have to "qualify" for this programme?Multiple
4Do you buy houses so you can sell them using Rent2Buy?Multiple
5Do you pay for referrals if I know someone else who needs a house, or has one to sell?Multiple
6How do I find a Rent2Buy house?Multiple
7How does your Rent2Buy programme work?Multiple
8How fast can I get into my own home?Multiple
9How long is the Rent2Buy period for?Multiple
10How soon can I purchase after I move in - am I locked in for a certain period?Multiple
11I am renting now, how is this different?Multiple
12I dont have enough for a small deposit, can you still help me?Multiple
13I'm excited about building equity in my home during the rental period before I buy it. What are the best ways to add value to my soon-to-be-home?Multiple
14Is the purchase price of the home established in advance?Multiple
15My credit is really bad - can I still qualify?Multiple


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